TurboCAD Training

A comprehensive, audio visual educational program for the 2D and 3D TurboCAD Users. More information on TurboCAD 2D Training, TurboCAD 3D Training2D and 3D Bundle and the TurboCAD Mac v4 Training Essentials.

Introduction to TurboCAD

In this free online TurboCAD training course we will discuss the following:
  • The Graphic Editor
  • Model and Paper Space
  • Toolbars
  • Selection tool
  • Some keyboard functions (snap modes)
  • Drawing tools - 2D
  • Modify Tools
  • Copy tools
  • Where to find and use Construction lines
  • Use snap modes
  • Use construction lines
  • Dimensions in the drawing.
  • Quick 3D preview

TurboCAD Training for April 2011

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TurboCAD 2D Fundamentals Training - ONLINE

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