Parametric Design in TurboCAD

Parametric Tools

What is Parametric Design

Parametric design allows a CAD user to create geometry once and use the base line design to:
  • part families by just adjusting a parameter. Examples of this would a bolt family that uses the same basic geometry for a family, with small variations between different parts.
  • variational sketching for "what if" analysis. What would happen if the angle between two lines is changed.
  • maintain relationships between objects. Two arcs can be specified to meet tangentially. If the radius of one is changed, the relationship will be maintained.
and more.

Parametric Design in TurboCAD

TurboCAD Professional ships with a number of parametric tools. It includes the D-Cubed 2D Constraints manager, a parametric part tree and history tree for 3D solid modeling and parametric parts for architectural design.

2D Parametric Design

TurboCAD Professional's constraint manager allows the creation of
  • geometrically constrained entities. Objects can be specified to parallel, end points can be specified to be coincident, tangential, perpendicular and more
  • size relationships. Circular objects can be specified to have equal radii, lines can be specified to be of equal length or to be of equal distance and more.
  • driving dimensions. These are dimensions on steroids. The length of a line with a driving dimension can be changed by adjusting the driving dimension. You can also use variables and specify relationships between objects, for example the height of an object can be 1.44 the width. When the width is adjusted, the height automatically follows while still maintaining all the other constraints.

3D Parametric Design

TurboCAD Professional's allows 3D geometry to be created from 2D constrained profiles. When the 2D profiles are updated, like when a driving dimension is changed, the 3D geometry based on the 2D profile will automatically follow. The part tree remembers how 3D geometry was generated. These parameters can be changed in the part tree and the design will update automatically. Items like fillets or chamfers can also be changed in the part tree. You have the ability to selectively disable operations to see the effect on the design. Parametric design is a very powerful set of features designed to improve sketching performance tremendously.